Nigerian online casino industry and self-exclusion experience in the UK

Millions of people are gambling online in countries that we never imagined would support online gambling, due to the proliferation of online gambling around the globe. A country like Nigeria would likely fall into that category. We tend to forget that third-world countries still have the right to enjoy some quality adult entertainment despite their poverty issues.

There is always the risk of becoming addicted to gambling, even with online casino gambling and sports betting. Online gambling has its ugly side, yes. Gambling issues are dealt with by regulatory bodies in countries such as the UK where there is a presence of gambling legalization.

Problem-solving in the UK

Overseeing the gambling industry in the UK is the UK Gambling Commission. Aside from overseeing sportsbooks and horse races, the agency regulates retail and online casinos. The purpose of this is to protect millions of UK recreational gamblers from rogue gambling providers and to ensure they get the protection they need.

GamStop Self Exclusion Registry was created by UKGC as part of its effort to protect people. Gamblers on GamStop have voluntarily agreed not to be allowed access to UK online gambling sites by consenting to the ban. In this program, gamblers choose how long they want to self-exclude and how long that should last. 

Gamblers who decide they do not have problems with gambling and want to gamble online again will be unable to use the program. GamStop only allows UK online gamblers to use casinos that are not listed on their website, which isn’t a bad thing as long as they behave responsibly.

Nigerian Online Casinos

In law, licensed UK online casinos are permitted to provide their services to their residents in countries where these services are allowed. In Nigeria, that is the case. There is no online gambling infrastructure in Nigeria, but residents are allowed to access online gambling sites operated by other countries.

The popularity of online casinos has increased significantly in Nigeria. The opportunity to play online casino games of chance for real cash is something that many Nigerians relish when they have the finances to do so.

It’s good to know that Nigerians gamble responsibly online. Problem gambling issues are just as prevalent in Nigeria as in other nations. Therefore, Nigerians should also have access to resources they can use to protect themselves from their own gambling problems when they arise.

How can Nigerians protect themselves against the financial and emotional carnage that comes with gambling addiction when GamStop is only available to UK residents?

Nigerian self-exclusion

It is Nigerians’ responsibility to learn where they can find resources to combat gambling addiction if they do not have access to GamStop. There are some resources available to Nigerians. 

The best solution to difficult gambling issues will usually be a self-exclusion program. What’s the reason? Gamblers fully support this voluntary action. The terms of the programs are acceptable to them, which is great. Gamblers are expressing their awareness that the first step to addressing gambling addiction is to block access to online sites. 

In light of GamStop’s non-availability to Nigerian online gamblers, is there any similar self-exclusion resource available to them? There is some self-exclusion software available to Nigerians, such as Net Nanny and GamBan. 

Net Nanny

The first version of Net Nanny was released in 1993. Parents could use it to prevent their children from accessing unwanted websites, such as real money online casinos. Net Nanny is a downloadable app that can help adults who wish to protect themselves from gambling online. It didn’t take long for people to realize this.

Net Nanny can be used by problem gamblers as a self-exclusion resource, but it needs to be managed by someone other than them. In other words, the duration of self-exclusion is determined by a third party.


As of 2015, GamBan has been in operation. Upon installation, this downloadable software blocks gambling sites from accessing a device. Self-exclusion tools like that are pretty powerful. Two concerns arise, however.

Firstly, the exclusion is permanent, so if the gambler changes his mind, it cannot be reversed. Second, gambling activity can be circumvented by simply using another device for online gambling activities. GamStop’s benefits are contradicted by both of these issues.

Eventually, GamStop may be offered to Nigerians?