Nigerian online casinos’ prospects after Google eases restrictions

Gambling is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and the African continent is one of the largest. The Nigerian gambling market has been among the fastest-growing in Africa in recent years. 

Over $60 million is spent on gambling in Nigeria 

Africa’s largest economy is attributed to the West African nation. Over $60 million was generated by the gambling industry in 2018 to contribute to the economy. Gaming machines are regulated under the 1997 Gaming Machines Act and the Criminal Code Act of Nigeria. A higher market share for a gambling operator in Nigeria will result in a greater gross gaming revenue. As a result of the intense competition in the Nigerian gaming market, online gaming websites with Nigerian audiences are always seeking to advertise and market their brand aggressively in an effort to maintain their market position. 

Operators in Nigeria are restricted by Google Ads 

As Google takes a tough stance against the gaming industry, it has implemented strict regulations that prevent Nigerian gaming operators from marketing and promoting their sites through Google advertising. Although a major platform such as Google shut its doors to all gambling promotion activities in Nigeria, gaming operators focused on other methods of advertising and marketing and did reasonably well in recent years. In Nigeria, there were no local advertising and marketing regulations, so Google took a tough stance on gambling advertising. Having lax laws in Nigeria encouraged gambling operators to manipulate and leverage the Google search platform to advertise their gambling in Nigeria, tarnishing Google’s reputation and getting them into trouble. 

Licensed operators can advertise on Google 

Gamers in Nigeria will be interested to learn that Google is making changes to its advertising policies and now allows licensed gaming operators to advertise and market their products on their platforms. On April 4th, 2019, Google announced this decision. 

Online gambling services operated by operators that are licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) will now be advertised by Google. Nigeria as well as Kenya and Colombia are affected by this change in Google policy. In U.S. states where gambling is legal, Google also relaxed its advertising policies. 

Revenues can be increased by licensed operators

A greater portion of the Nigerian gaming market can now be reached by Nigerian facing operators who are licensed by the NLRC. In order to penetrate the market and build their brand image, Nigerian operators will invest heavily in Google, the largest and most popular search engine in the world. Gamers in Nigeria will now be able to advertise a variety of gaming services using multiple platforms, including Google Display Network, YouTube, and AdMob. There is a strong likelihood that the major gaming operators in Nigeria who have large advertising budgets will finance their Google advertising with millions of naira. 

Gamers in Nigeria will not hold back on their Google advertising expenditures for a variety of reasons.

  • Google’s platform in Nigeria has the largest reach and the biggest potential for gaming operators 
  • Google’s advertising platforms have been unavailable to Nigerian operators for a number of years, and this could be a great opportunity for them 
  • The Nigerian government may decide to suddenly ban gambling advertising at any time, so Google’s decision to allow real money gaming ads may be subject to change at any time.
  • As well as the possibility of Google changing its real-money gaming policy for Nigeria at any time, operators are also aware that an anti-gambling group may accuse the search giant of fostering a gambling culture. 

Operators without licenses will be punished 

In spite of not being registered with the Nigerian Lotteries and Racing Commission, unlicensed operators in Nigeria have enjoyed a free hand for many years. 

Since licensed casinos are focusing on building their brand image and targeting the Nigerian market more aggressively, these unlicensed operators will likely see a decline in revenues. Thus, unlicensed operators will lose market share and may take a back seat to licensed operators. Unlicensed operators in Nigeria will now have access to Google platforms for advertising, putting them at a distinct disadvantage. 

Choosing the best Nigerian casinos without a deposit 

We can expect a massive flood of gaming promotions on all Google platforms throughout the year in the Nigerian gaming market. Online casino brands will appear a lot in Nigerians’ Google search results as well as popular social media sites in the near future. The prospect of being bombarded with ads related to gambling from multiple casino operators can be somewhat intimidating for new players. Consequently, they have difficulty deciding which online casino to join. Nodeposit365 is the only no deposit casino site we found and trust in Nigeria. In addition to offering honest opinions, they also offer working bonuses, which is unusual. 

As a result of Google’s relaxed gambling ad restrictions, all licensed operators are expected to increase their gross gaming revenues (GGR). Online casinos that cater to Nigerian players typically offer no deposit bonuses in the form of free money or free spins. Whenever you play at an online casino, you should make sure that it is licensed, just to be on the safe side.